Advice from the blossoming and parting souls

I just finished writing my last love notes for all my loved ones. I hugged my dog for as long as I could. I called my mom to tell her I loved her. Oh, dear mother! How will I tell you? I am trembling, I can’t breathe and I’m sweating. This is it: I might not make it. Thoughts are racing through my mind… all those dreams and goals I have not yet accomplished… I had such a short life…. but if I must go, I will go with pride and love. Tears are going down my cheeks.-Why? I don’t know. My time has come. I must face the music now.

-Liliana? Please come with me, the doctor has your results now.
Be brave. I whisper to myself. Ask him to be direct and to tell you the truth without sugar coating it. You need to know, so you can prepare yourself. 
-Hi Liliana! You have a mild seasonal flu. Get some over the counter cough syrup and you’re on bed rest for two days. You’ll feel better tomorrow. Have a nice day!


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