The Science Behind Love

What is love? I’m talking romantic love. Lots of you us are afraid of the scientific definition of love because we’re scared it’s going to take away the magic, mystery  and beauty of it, but anything psychological is processed through our brains neurochemically and neuroelectrically… including love. And you know, just because you know all the ingredients to make delicious food, it doesn’t mean it won’t taste as good when you eat it.

Option 1: you can always ask that annoying couple. We all know one, don’t lie. You know what i’m talking about… and if you don’t know one, sorry to break it to you, but you and your annoying glue stick are probably it. The type that writes a weekly 10 pages novel on how much i love you my little cuddly-wuddly peach on each other’s public timeline. OMG and the WORSE: The joint Facebook account.  –What. The. Fuck. IS. THAT. shit. SERIOUSLY.

-Hiiiii my little baby munchkin pumpkin, I love you so much little pea
-I love YOU more little angel muffin baby-bugga-boo-boo
-buuuuut I love you MORE my tiny little firefly glazed with Himalayan marmelade
-Noooooo, i looove youuuu even MOREEE cuddle bunny buttercup cake of my heart

…Eat shit.

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