I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve never truly had an idea, tbh; I just kind of always lived and learned on the go…. and tripped on the same stone a few times. It wasn’t always the best way to go, but I did get great life lessons: sometimes unwanted, but always useful. Being an adult is nothing like I expected, and I don’t feel like one either. I always thought adults had their shit together: Everyone listens to Opera, loves understands abstract art, and orders fancy Bourbon caffè in gibberish while e-mailing Mr. Goldstein about the 2 PM settlement.

Why, of course, Mr. Smith, I am well fond of Kadinsky. His work is ubiquitous. 

Parties get boring, you drink overpriced wine and talk about mortgage, discretionary accounts and permanently adopt that snobby uptight you’re-not-funny-but-you’re-my-business-investor-so-i’ll-laugh kind of laugh.

Ha Ha Ha, John Smith. Ha Ha. Hilarious!


First year of Junior High: little Jonathan behind me pulls my bra strap under my shirt while I’m writing an English test. He’s SO annoying. The teacher’s not doing much but laughing about it: ”Aww, it’s cute”. URGH – ¡¿En serio, dudette, B.E.L.?! That’s all the undergrad taught you? -Anyways- I took matters in my own hands, literally: I slapped him and it worked, he stopped. He never talked to me again. Good riddance, you little shit.

I couldn’t wait to be an adult so these boy games would stop already, and everyone is real world ready with the passionate cellphone calls about corporate accountability and totally talk about the stock market all day. Oh yeah, and the expensive suitcases of course.


Turns out, we’re just over sized kids: same game, different toys. Turns out, you don’t have a magical automatic upgrade once you turn 18, 21, or even 25, that makes you become a real adult like the ones you see on TV with the high-end suit and the important meeting that will make their law firm land the client and have their big breakthrough. Being an adult is like playing a video game; you’re bumping into walls and running around like a lost elf because you skipped the tutorial given by your parents, because you were 14- and a half, mind you – You obviously got this life thing completely figured out. You didn’t even need a babysitter anymore: you were the babysitter. Whoa.

I skipped all tutorials.

…but who are you?

Little tornado me. A born fashionista, Obvs.

was am such a stubborn kid, as rebel as they come (sorry mum), opinionated AF, an unapologetic smart mouth, mischievous, as adventurous as can be (mum’s had many long sleepless nights because of my crazy ideas… sorry mum).

I did have a few things going for me. I have always had a heart of gold, big like the world and thankfully, I never lost my inner child, as corny as it sounds. I love my girlfriends and beyond anything, my -not so- little soul mate sister. They’re my backbone. We #squadgoals. Yes. I know what I just did. #hatersgonnhate 

I laugh sincerely. None of that delicate and feminine flower blooming under the sun crap: I laugh shamelessly like a drain. I sound like a drunk Igor, tbh. My eyes shine like Queen Bey’s engagement bling when I’m happy. I have always been ridiculously curious, about everything. I’ve been rightfully accused of being a hipster. I’ve recently come to terms with it… Kinda. You’ve been warned. Pair that with awe-inspiring dreams, goals and a grand ambition, you get a Liliana Hernandez.

Okay, what is this about?

This is my new baby.

A lot of people are too lazy or don’t have time to research subjects that interest them: maybe it’s about make up, maybe it’s about current world events, politics, food, medical discoveries, hot yoga, heck, maybe its a day in the life of a lazy cat. Who knows? I was born curious. I find myself reading and learning a lot, on all sorts of subjects. Right now, I have a string theory book on my night stand. Tomorrow, it may be how to speak to dolphins in three easy squeaks or Organic & Analytical Chemistry: no one knows. That’s the beauty of it. Why not share my passion?

My passionate curiosity.

I strongly believe opinions are the lowest sort of argument anyone can make. I like researching facts before forming my own. I love understanding things, looking at everything from a scientific perspective, objectively. I’d like lipstick for the mind to be a reflection of that. I won’t promise perfection, just passion. I’d like to stay as objective as possible when writing about most subjects because the point of L for M isn’t to convince you of my point of view, it’s for you to form your own. If I do write about certain topics that I hold close to my heart, which I think are mainly social consensuses anyways, I will be (appropriately) subjective. My opinions derive from research, anyways. I’ll warn ya’ tho. Don’t worry… Just don’t expect me to write 10 best ways to destroy our planet in no time! Ft. Spend quality time with your Jeep.

Cool!… but why lipstick for the mind?

Last week. Still a tornado, but with cute lipstick on now

I like having adventures of all sorts.

-Hey let’s go out tonight, let’s tr…

-SOLD. I’m in!

I love the typical girly shallow stuff: beauty, shopping, fashion, wine, going out. I have a superficial passion for lipsticks & shoes; I have a million of those, with a rainbow of shades and types.

That’s for the shallow part, but being pretty isn’t only physical. I mean, yeah, kinda’… but I believe to feel fulfilled and complete as a woman, it’s important to be knowledgeable/wise as well. Sure, you can look smoking hot in that cute little black dress, but what will you do when the conversation requires a bit of knowledge, thought, or just for your own self growth? Sit there and look like a poor benighted soul? Eeewwww. No. Put some lipstick on & go get ’em tiger!

This is your world. Our world. There’s so much happening out there. I feel that as a woman human being, it’s important you get your mind prettied up too. Learn about the world you’re part of, form your opinions. After all, we are the new adults, the generation that’s being put in charge of earth. What the heck are we going to do if we all skipped the tutorial?

So this is for all of you, Mr. & Mrs. Everybody, learning sponges, lost elves that have destroyed one too many walls figuring shit out, knowing important and not-so-important shit, big or small, shallow or deep. For you, curious peeps, passionate procrastinators, that want to laugh, cry, feel. For you, that want to have that feeling when you have interesting talks about everything and anything until 5 am and you don’t want to hang up because the conversation is that good… or maybe, just because it’s your crush… Either way, you don’t want to hang up. Let’s try to figure this real adulting thing out together. This is OUR spot. Feel free to email me ideas you’d like me to cover, or whatever.

Oh yeah, little Jonathan became a big shot super-hot fire fighter.




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  1. Finally finished reading all your blogs. They’re all great and unique. The question is, when are you gonna post another one? We’re all due one more. I’m sure everyone will love it, I know I will.


  2. From a talented writer with an effortless ability in putting words, opinions and memories so beautifully. With interesting and extremely passionate perspectives that will not only spark intrigue in readers, but will create a platform for dialogues, bringing many various beliefs into opening your mind. I cannot wait to read what is next!


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